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Karmic Stop Signs

Karmic Stop Signs

Karma has been defined as the experience of unresolved experiences from the past that return again to give us new opportunities to encounter and resolve them. In other words, our issues, patterns and emotional baggage return again and again until we are able to recognize and heal them.

Some people don’t believe in karma, but to me, it serves as a personal stop sign. When I encounter resistance or delays that inhibit my ability to accomplish my goals, I take it as a sign to stop and reconsider my direction.

I’m grateful that I don’t have job karma, because I’ve been gifted with unsolicited job offers at critical times in my life. However, when I think back to the times when I have been slammed with negativity and conflict, I see that I was encountering personal patterns – karmic stop signs – requiring me to think through, and feel through, all the complications associated with them. When that happened, I was moved to reach for new ways to understand and resolve the issues. I only know if  I’ve resolved a particular karmic pattern if it doesn’t reappear in a different form!


Digging down in oneness, the patterns of experience reflect the identity of the individual, whose vanity discloses a natural tendency to believe they are the personality associated with their birth name. However, each individual expresses the unity of consciousness which reflects a universal delivery of truth on multiple levels. The anxiety or conflict associated with karmic patterns carries a resonance for shared manifestation. Thus, they are not unique to the individual.

The Soul agrees to experience the karmic manifestation as a consideration of the value of the whole. The triggering of a pattern produces a form of resonance which carries it to the next level of consciousness.

Regardless of resolution, the manifestation of the experience is a contribution to the unity of consciousness and carries a resonating value.

There is no experience without value.

Recognizing the pattern and acknowledging the value of resolution in order to eliminate the negativity associated with it is a correction which elevates the individual to a new level of consciousness. Individual self expression is the highest form of Soul growth.