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Coping During Chaos

Coping During Chaos

We have problems wrapping our minds around the certainty of our mortality, so we generally ignore our fragility and assume that nothing is going to change. We make plans, and assume that our future will be consistent and predictable. That is, until we hear predictions about global warming, mass extinction, asteroids nearing Earth, and polar shifts. Astrological conjunctions indicate that in the next few years we will experience a jarring shift in our daily lives that will result in massive chaos. And, as a result of the recent U.S. election, some believe that we are now experiencing the ‘underworld.” How do we cope?

The unknown does not respond to fear or anticipation of outcome, and it doesn’t provide a personal connection to support and comfort us. Can we possibly find comfort in our hearts, believing that love can be used as a bridge? Can we use love to carry our load and manage the structure of beliefs that we’ve acquired in order to protect us from our vulnerability?

If we don’t make this essential connection, we may be frozen in time, or no-time; we may remain stuck, afraid to take action and detached from the multidimensional aspects of ourselves. We frequently forget that we are not alone and we are being guided in every moment. We ignore our connection with those parts of ourselves that are available to support us when we seek answers to unanswerable questions. Sometimes, those other aspects of ourselves seem out of reach…but they are always there. They connect with that abiding, knowing part of our heart that exists outside the box of 3-D reality.

When we are in fear, we forget that we have a lifeline… we may actually forget that we are not what we appear to be.

The Kindle edition of my book, “Not What We Appear to Be: New Perspectives for Conscious Living,” is about to be released. The hard copy will be available soon. The book offers a different perspective regarding the nature of our reality and can be used as a touchstone for connecting with your heart and your multidimensional self. I hope that you find it supportive of your Spiritual journey.

Much love,