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Not What We Appear To Be: New Perspectives for Conscious Living by Monti Scribner

Not What We Appear To Be: New Perspectives for Conscious LivingOur outer appearance and inner nature reflect and assist in the experiences we are destined to have. But we are not what we appear to be. It requires a leap of faith to absorb that we are far more than three-dimensional beings. Each of us is a multidimensional aspect of a greater being, with our own inter-galactic families.

This guidebook offers an enlightened perspective about the nature of our existence from the viewpoint of higher intelligence. In doing so, it answers many questions about life purpose and the experience of being human. Subjects addressed include multi-dimensionality, the drama game, predestination, and navigating your life path.

The answers contained within these pages will provide you with illuminating insights into the value of the Earthly experience and tools to support your spiritual journey.

“I am so impressed by this book! I’ve always been skeptical about books that come through “channelled” means but this one was the real deal. I really enjoyed the perspective offered through the authors’ candid questions, and the subsequent responses. While all of the content was insightful, I was especially impacted by the content in Chapters 2, 6, 7 & 10. When reading these sections, I received a burst of inspired energy that lingered throughout each day…very powerful information! And with a handy, detailed Table of Contents, this is a book that I can easily refer back to for specific ideas as situations arise in my life. Thank you Monti Scribner for this refreshing, enlightening, and hope-filled treasure!”