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Monti is a spiritual teacher, able to connect with higher guidance to provide outside-the-box perspectives on life issues.

Individual phone readings are currently available for $60/half hour or $100/hour.  Once you purchase a reading, you will receive an email to schedule the time and date.

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Readings offer insights and strategies for navigating your life and empower you to connect with your authentic self…

– Question/Answer format: Answers to your specific questions.

– Global Perspective: Receive a global perspective on your past, present, and future.

– Galactic Heritage and Karmic Patterns: Your significant Star Lineages are identified, along with the life lessons or karmic themes you came into this lifetime to experience. Your personal patterns are discussed along with how you can use your new knowledge as a tool to identify and cope with future situations. Your session may include clearing the bad feelings associated with personal issues.

– Identify a particular situation associated with personal trauma, explore the root of the issue and clear the bad feelings.

Recent Client Feedback:

“My session with Monti was simply amazing! While I have worked with other practitioners from varying backgrounds before, I just loved the uniqueness of Monti’s delivery and the depth of her channeled messages. Her accuracy with my life themes and karmic patterns were spot on, confirming some issues that I’ve been working on and opening doors to expose even deeper facets of self-study. Thanks for a wonderful and enlightening session, Monti!” – Andrew L.

“I would like to thank you again for the amazing reading. It was truly helpful in clarifying my life path and patterns as well as methods to aid me along the way… I would definitely do this again in the future when I’m ready to receive more information and need clarity.” – Jalisa

“My reading was enlightening on many levels, but the most electrifying information was regarding a memory that I have of something that did not occur in this dimension. Many things fell into place and my message from Them is a treasure.” – JC

“I am very happy with my reading with Monti! With her guidance I have gained new perspectives on the many challenges and karmic patterns in my life that have resurfaced over the years. A lot of clarity came forth that resonated with me on many levels and now with more awareness I feel more confident, grounded and calm going forward with some new tools to clear a peaceful and self loving path for my soul to continue on this beautiful spiritual journey. Thank you Monti!” – Sharon

“After my session with Monti I feel so much freer and lighter and will be able to change my daily focus to stay out of fear and to enjoy each day as an opportunity for joy.” – Linda

“Monti’s messages for me at the beginning of our session perfectly reflected (and responded to) the questions I brought to our session!
Her reading validated the personal issues I’ve been working on, and expanded my awareness and understanding of how they relate to my karmic patterns and life path. As a result of Monti’s reading, I have increased motivation to create the world that I envision for myself and others!” – Chris

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