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Predictions that Generate Fear

Predictions that Generate Fear

What can you tell me about predictions of a catastrophic shift of the Earth’s poles? Will this happen and do I need to prepare for it?

The vital instinct for survival expects catastrophe, for this is in your genetic makeup. The fight or flight mechanism produces the results of expectation of disaster, thus you turn your attention to protecting yourself and planning it in many ways. When you are given this type of prediction, your first reaction is to connect with fear of extinction, and a frozen (panicked) body reacts without consideration of the best possible options. Thus, you have been correct in taking the first step to release the fear associated with this prediction, including fear of the unknown and desire to take those actions previously considered, such as stockpiling food, water, and moving to a safer location.

The purpose of predictions is to expand the connection between cerebral cortex and reasoning ability so that a vibration is released to uncover those cords associated with imaginative experience. There are local and nonlocal connections to these cords which find their way through emotional and multidimensional channels. When a parallel connection is made, it manifests on multiple levels as experiences both inside and outside the vibratory field. It manufactures a reality which mass consciousness will accept as fact regardless of actual manifestation.

Taking this a step further, the manufacture of the experience can be diluted or dissolved by turning your attention to an alternate reality channel — changing the channel excludes the energetic currents associated with fear-based expectations.

In answer to your question about whether pole shift will occur…yes, it is occurring now on parallel levels and the vibration is emanating like a ripple on a pond throughout universal pulse, however, the expectation that it will affect this planet is yet to be realized.

Regarding preparation for such event, it is suggested that the spiritually-connected individual continue on their guided path, releasing fear-based expectations in order to stay connected with their Higher Self and their own guidance. In this way, they will be guided through Source to the experience necessary for their Soul to orchestrate — for the highest good of all concerned.