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From Monti Scribner
I am a spiritual teacher, able to connect with higher guidance to provide outside-the-box perspectives on life issues. Monti ScribnerMy heartfelt mission is to assist and support you in achieving life balance, identifying and releasing blocks to expressing your authentic nature, and maximizing your ability to easily navigate life experiences.

I am a life-long seeker and over the course of many years, have developed proficiency in multiple modalities. I was practicing automatic writing when I created the Formulas4Living.com blog in 2013. During blogging, I began to ask for answers to questions that were beyond my scope of knowledge and expertise and received enlightening, unexpected answers about the nature of reality. I now connect more powerfully with higher wisdom, which assists me in offering new perspectives to others via individual readings. I originally believed that I was connecting to an ascended master or an intergalactic group that exists in a higher dimension of the light realms. However, I eventually came to realize that the information I’m receiving is not from a source that is outside of myself. Instead, it seems that I’m accessing a higher aspect of my own consciousness which connects with interdimensional frequencies and wisdom. Thus, I’m tapping into a level of integrated higher intelligence that is compatible with my level of consciousness.

I’ve also attained the ability to offer a frequency of harmony and balance that can assist others who are seeking to achieve a higher state of consciousness.


Are you open to having a conversation about your origins that will give you a different perspective about your life experiences? I’ve come to believe that we humans are a cocktail of many star system energies that have been engineered into our genetic makeup in an attempt to introduce certain traits. As a result, we carry the karmic patterns of different star energies resulting from efforts to integrate polarities and achieve oneness. Some of us have had closer encounters with our family members from the stars.

During your reading, your significant Star Lineages may be identified, along with the life lessons or karmic themes you came into this lifetime to experience. We’ll discuss your personal patterns, along with how you can use your new knowledge as a tool to identify and cope with future situations. Your session may include clearing the bad feelings associated with personal issues. Individual phone readings are currently available for $60/half hour or $100/hour. Your reading will provide you with a new perspective, empowering you to connect with your authentic self. To schedule your session, go to the Readings tab or send a message to Monti using the Contacts page link.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in my blog are not necessarily my own. I look forward to receiving comments and contributions to blog posts. Note: If you’d like to share any of the information from my website to help others, please credit and include a link to http://formulas4living.com/blog-posts/ Save