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Last Weekend at Bridge to Avalon

Last Weekend at Bridge to Avalon

Thank you so much, Jeannine Clemens, owner and guide at Bridge to Avalon in Charleston.

Last Friday evening, I spoke with a vibrant circle of people. We discussed how we are changing on a daily basis, how we receive guidance, and how we manage our experiences in our new reality. It was exciting and rewarding to discuss how we are releasing old belief systems and paradigms, and that we now have the opportunity to move beyond our dramas and karmic patterns.

It can be challenging, but also exhilarating, when we maintain awareness of our multidimensionality and realize that the choices we make are affected by unseen factors.

We also talked about the fact that being vulnerable binds us together, that trauma can keep us stuck, and when we own our issues, it helps us to resolve trauma and heal.

I then had the opportunity to give in-depth readings on Saturday and Sunday. By energetically connecting with each individual, I answered questions and provided them with insights about how their personal experiences relate to their karmic patterns and life lessons. I received gratifying feedback and found it deeply rewarding to provide support to each of these amazing lights on their spiritual path.

It can be difficult to explain, but I am merely the instrument for providing support to others. I put my Self aside and communicate whatever I receive without effort. I have no personal attachment to the information received.

In continuing to follow guidance, I believe that I’m experiencing the bounty of abundant gratitude:

In gratitude, the heart opens to fortunate circumstance, which serves as an armament against negativity, supplementing your energy grid, and fortifying your spirit.