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Circle of Light

As friends who have known each other for over 20 years, we come together to share, support, and connect with others. We connect via conference call and access guidance to answer individual questions. We find that the answers benefit all of us, and hope that you find them helpful, too.

Question from Bobbie in Northern Virginia – From a higher understanding, traumatic events are seen as a cleansing of the planet. How may we use this time wisely to prepare for our own spiritual transformation?

Guidance Offered:

From Monti:  Your transformation exists on a separate level of energy which thrives on the spiral of universal pulse. We see your energetic existence as a continual manifestation of All That Is, which is not influenced by the chaotic nature of 3-D events swirling around you. Instead, know that you are a vibrant contributor to the transformation of the planet and that you are guided without effort to make your way forward in your soul’s evolution.

From Sol in Southwest US: Your individual process is based on several concurrent events in your life. If you agree with the concept that you have designed what is occurring in your life based on several future configurations that will occur, then the process that you are experiencing is one of change, change and awareness to bring forward the level of understanding that deep within your soul the solution will manifest as is appropriate in the timing that has been mutually agree through a capitualization beyond what you can even begin to imagine in the perspective that you now hold in your mental awareness. We say to you that as you go through your day you are not only being guided, you are carrying a frequency that will begin to expand and encompass a large area of “holding” capacity. This means in a simplistic sense that just by sharing your openness and ability to be both vulnerable and caring of yourself as a human, in a human body, you are oscillating to a frequency that will encompass many who are extremely vulnerable and not able to process this level of change. Your willingness to be of service attracts to it the vibration and the magnitude of assistance that you are not even able to understand in your conscious awakening state. Go forth and know that all is in alignment and you will begin to open and get glimpses of next steps for yourself that will delight you in the midst of what is seemingly a chaotic state.

From Linda in Richmond, VA: We need to stay centered within our own beingness and focus on staying in the calm of the storm. When you step out into the hurricane from the center, you get beat up and thrown away from the calmness of your being. If you stay centered, you can stay in a place of peace and will be able to think clearer. If everyone stayed in their centers, there would be no tornadoes or hurricanes, because it is our thoughts that create these whirlwinds and chaos. What is above so is below. What is in our thoughts and hearts get expressed out in the world. So if everyone stayed in their calm beingness, then the chaos would come to an end and the world would become peaceful.

Question from Linda: There is more emphasis on teaching our children to use their left side of their brains which is the logical side (black and white) (note: black and white is off and on and in computers this is 1-on and 0 – off). Are we making people think like computers and don’t question or think for themselves?) Forcing people to be right handed which exercises the left side of the brain is one example. Suggestion – use your left hand more.  We need to find a way to help people exercise their right side of their brains in order to find more creative solutions to problems.

How can we use more of the right side of the brain and bring in more creativity so we as the people of the planet can bring peace and heaven on earth?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: This is now being done subtly through the forces who are influencing societies.  These sources can be thought of as the modern day inventors, though nameless, through introducing and  initiating ideas and structures provided to the scientific world.  Changes are being implemented at this time at a speed that would be incomprehensible a mere decade ago.  With these changes  come the requirements of the natural use of the sides of the brain pertinent for these functions. This is done more clearly during the sleep and meditative cycles.

From Sol: When you consider the past of planet earth, the developmental process has required the livelihood of the individuals to fend for safety, security and survival through searching and securing food to keep alive and then into progeny. When the planet goes through a metamorphosis, as it is doing now, and as it has done many times before in the process of evolution, there have been times and will be in the future where the brain is evolved through various stimuli both from external planetary configurations and from an internal need, as in societal, for evolving at a faster rate. When you asked your question, you are basing the hypothesis on another who has studied this subject. However, when you go into your heart you will realize that there is much changing, even as you are going through this exercise of gathering answers that are coming to all of you through various filtering systems and from the input of your individual participation from other galactic sources.

The need for both sides of the brain to be equally operative is an issue hat is being modulated as the heart center is just beginning to evolve to the next level of opening and while the brain is only being utilized to a minimum capacity. There will be more stimulation that will bring about a regenesis and an opening of this level of awakening to a larger percentage of individuals. The new babies that are coming into the planet now have a larger capacity and their brain systems are developed to another level that will serve to catalyze many children in their age groups, and adults to whom they are connected and come in contact with. They will bring new “insights” that will stimulate and open passages in the brain that are dormant.

From Monti:  Perfecting the dual nature of the planetary framework does not equate to perfecting the problems that exist with interactions among different perspectives of personality characteristics, belief systems and discouraging violent tendencies. However, the right-sided creativity which produces solutions to problems is growing exponentially as a result of the creation of genetic tendencies in the new souls being birthed on the planet. This slow but steady process is resulting in optimistic and encouraging movement toward an understanding that there is a solution to counter the negativity that has engulfed many. We ask you to exist in your own bubble of truth rather than being influenced by those who generate a biased viewpoint of civilization as controlled by outside forces. Instead, know that YOU are the truth and the answer, and you have within yourself the power to change, to influence, and to make a difference in your own circle of power.

We connected via conference call and accessed guidance to answer individual questions.

Question from Bobbie in Northern Virginia – What is the best way to release guilt from past actions beyond forgiving yourself, which would serve your highest purpose?

Guidance Offered:

From Chris in Raleigh, NC: Recognize that the need for forgiveness originates from an illusory belief in separation. Past actions stem from this belief. Therefore, as we come to the realization that All is One, we experience this knowing. The belief in the need for forgiveness is also illusory. There will no longer be a need for forgiveness because this illusion will cease to exist.
As we join with our True Self, we call our Higher Self, we experience this Oneness with all….that is all that is needed.

From Linda in Richmond, VA:The energy of the event is released in the universe already but you are still holding some of the energy in your energy field. Come up with a word that you can say every time the memory resurfaces itself and let it go. The subconscious will begin to get the message that you will not feed it with more energy thoughts and in time it will lessen and then go away. These thoughts are energy forms and they do not want to die so they look for energy to feed them. If you give them love and let them know that they are part of you and that they will not die, they will integrate into your entire being and will add to your peacefulness.

From Monti: Where you blame yourself for past actions, you understand that your conscience has adopted a reliance on adult understanding of the penalty for actions not in compliance with society’s rules. However, your behavior was in compliance with a version of society that adopted the free-for-all approach to living on the planet. Blaming yourself for your actions and then looking back and regretting is a behavior which absolves you and no one from the general malaise of society which incorporates bad behavior into the current reality. While you remember those actions and regret them, you can not absolve yourself or forgive yourself until you incorporate a new version of perspective; that is, under the whole life existence, all are participating in and experiencing your actions. All are responsible for your actions and you are the instrument of the higher connection to all that is. Therefore, when you behaved that way, it was in accordance with your purpose or participation in the alignment of civilization at that time. In fact, your ability to regret and resolve that your behavior will be in a higher level of participation with universal laws is a step into the nature of all existence which incorporates the inter-planetary recognition of cellular power. Your cellular interactions incorporate a connection with all in existence at this time and the upgrade to current inter-planetary co-existence will create a reaction with positive repercussions. Thus, your regret, or memory of actions you regret are incorporated into the larger scheme or characteristics of life at that time, and can be released.

From Sol in Southwest US:  Your dilemma is precipitated by a conscious need to feel that you are doing all you can to be worthy of embodying the essence of your divinity, perceived to be one of a crystalline substance of ‘do-not-pass’ light that is so unfathomable in its brilliance nothing can compare with the glory and magnificence of the particulations of its light.

And we say to you that your time on the earth plane allows you diverse experiences to be processed, acknowledged and brought to a state where all is and all can be imagined. There is no right or wrong. There is only pure essence. It’s only your limited perception from looking through a tunnel vision of sorts that disallows your true and comprehensive understanding of your magnificence and the purity of your essence.

Do not be dissuaded by your thoughts. They are just there for you to understand the human condition and the process that the human species has been going through to reach this next stage of enlightenment. View all past experiences from a position of neutrality. Acknowledge and bless yourself for having the strength and resilience to have passed through them to your new level of knowledge and the understanding that all have embraced a part of themselves to allow their light to shine even brighter. While on earth, the human body is subject to the laws of nature and gravity. All are in process of making a quantum leap forward. So allow these memories to flow past you like old movies and forgive yourself.

Question from Linda: How can people increase their energy level so they don’t feel tired all the time?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: This feeling of fatigue is being caused by the energy shift on the planet.  It is not coincidence that most light workers are experiencing these same symptoms.  A good diet will satisfy and enhance the physical self but what is needed is to increase your association with nature which will be the source of your energy.  Water and earth will be your tools.  Spend time by the water and then balance it with connecting to the earth.  It is recommended that you stand in the deep earth bare foot and visualize mother earth coming up through the earth and injecting you through your feet with the exact energetic tonic needed for your well being at this time to counter act the energies which are now depleting all its inhabitants.

From Chris:

-avoid dairy and sugar.
-take frequent breaks away from the computer to disconnect from this energy.
-I saw you wrapped in an Indian blanket sitting cross legged on the floor , in a blanket of red and purple. Getting back to your roots, hearing Indian chants, a need for grounding.
-take time in the in the sun ,more physical exercise i.e. walking in nature.

From Sol: You are in the middle of a personal transformation that is affecting your cellular structure. While you are doing what would seemingly be the best for your metabolism based on the known “cure” for energetic depletion, it is important to realize that each individual is wired differently and the body has needs that are quite diverse from one another.

The first thing we can interpret from your structure is the need to go within and look at yourself through your somewhat, let us say, X-ray vision. Check with the internal organs and find circumstances that are calling to you to have a dialogue with them and determine their individual needs. Some may need “X” and others need “Y” in terms of nutrients that might not necessarily by filled or satisfied with green drinks.

When a major rewire or restructure takes place in the body vehicle, there is the necessity to view your life from a multitude of angles, including rest, exercise, breathing regimes and also nutrients that might only be necessary for a short period of time for these changes to go through more smoothly for you.

Also, there are those who have methods that can assist you in determining the body’s needs for this transformation process. (such as Kinesiology)

From Monti: Your energy is connected to a universe allowing all to participate in the union of oneness. When you connect with the oneness, it fills your field and energizes you. When you relate to those humans around you in the workplace and bump up against others in the natural course of everyday life, it exhausts your resources and your energy depletes. We suggest just a few ways to understand that you are not alone and you’re allowing yourself to be depleted. First, create a conscious boundary within which you will know you are manifesting the abundant health you wish to exude.

There is also an internal component; those in your family, or tribe, are de-energizing you by pulling on your perceived strengths because you create the persona of being strong enough to carry the “load” both physical and emotional. Being in their energy creates a willingness to connect via “power cord” and once they have finished “filling up” they are fine and you are depleted. Notice when you feel depleted following your personal interactions. Also, nature is a natural energy source which you have used as a resource and continue to do so.

Question from Chris:  Why do I get stressed and obsessive about the phone calls from family members about medical issues?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: The feeling of having to be needed has been one of your challenges agreed upon prior to entering this physical realm as evidenced by the choices you have made in your life, i.e., the profession of nursing, a large number of needy individuals in your family and around you. Through your soul searching and spiritual awakenings, you have come to realize that your needs are equally important and you have been able to manage both effectively. From a Universal perspective, now it is the time for the ante to be raised (up the ante). This happens when multiple situations occur which leads to a stressful condition. When an over-lapping occurs, remember it as a tool necessary for the next phase in your ability to cope with the affect. Connect with Source for guidance.

From Linda: When a phone call comes in it tugs on your energy field and feels like a pull to your being. Before you resolve the first call then another call comes in and again another tug to your energy system. When enough of these tugs occur, you feel like your being is pulled in all directions. After each call, sit down and look at your energy field and send love to the area that feels like it is being tugged. Say the Light prayer and then let it go and sit in peace. If many calls come in in rapid succession. When you begin to feel stress, ask the caller if you can call them back. Then do the exercise, feel the release and calmness and then call them back. There is physically nothing you can do in those 5 minutes to resolve the issue that cannot wait those few minutes. Remember to breathe.

From Sol: You are hard-wired, let us say, to be of service. Your DNA has a multitude of symbiotic connections through previous human body family relationships where the need to be of service to others has precipitated into your cellular memory in the body vehicle the need to look away from any of your “dreams” and to be there and be vulnerable to the circumstances that arise around you. This is what we suggest for you to consider. As you go through the process of overload:

1.  Consider that what is occurring is your need to be in control so that what has occurred in past lives does not bleed through. This level of anxiety is palpable and therefore you react versus respond.
2.  What is happening in the calls and interaction is an underlying fear that you will give up all that you are and lose yourself in the spinning web of entanglement, so your small voice will be lost and muffled in the cacophony of sounds. Remember battlefields, wars, times of intense catastrophic circumstances where you felt responsible – allow them to flow over and past you as you begin to become anxious and go back to those times and they become real – current situations trigger these times.
3.  When you are faced with a plethora of simultaneous circumstances, first take a deep breath. Step away and center yourself. Take a quick walk – do something to honor your self even if only for a brief moment. You deserve the time. This pause will help you realize that in your center you will be grounded in a new way and help crystalize the understanding that you are here now at this current place in time to put all of those past moments in their proper place. Keep your chin up and know you have much guidance and support around you at all times for the difficult journey you have chosen in this lifetime.

From Monti: When you are called on to give service via telephone to your family members, the need for more interpersonal interaction is cut by the allowance or release of those members to continue on their path without you. In other words, once the call is discontinued, you are no longer “needed” for consultation and you are not always informed of the outcome of the advice you gave. In essence, your ego is feeling used, and your heart is needing to be wanted and to encourage and express love in a more satisfying way. When you give medical or personal advice, your ego is involved, regardless of the pure nature of the interaction and service-oriented conversation. You provide of your experience, and your heart is involved. When there is a cord created between you and the other family member, there is an interaction that you and they need. However, your level of service is not on the level of their need. In fact, their disregard for the value of your service is creating a friction, or obstruction, of the energy flow. Thus, when you feel obsessive, etc., after a call, it reflects your inability to fully communicate and convey the level of energetic healing you are also providing. And, it must be accepted on that level to be absorbed. You are sensing the fracture of the energy as it fails to reach its mark. We ask you to convey from your heart the information you are readily providing to your family members, and afterwards, sit with your own heart and feed your soul. Nurture yourself, as you nurture others and release the cords as you sense them creating an interaction that is destructive to your well-being.

Question from Monti:  Why isn’t it enough just to “be”?

Guidance Offered:

From Linda: On Earth there are many physical things that need to be done to provide shelter and food for your physical body. There will always be a feeling of needing to do something to fulfill those needs. The society creates environments that set the stage for needing to do things to meet those society’s norms. You can choose to participate in those things or you can separate yourself outside of the society. Separating yourself from society could cause loneliness because we are all one and that is our natural state of being. So there is always a tradeoff between living in a society and living alone. When you learn to connect to All That Is, then the loneliness goes away and the need to fit into society’s norms. Releasing the need to fit in to society will give you more time and resources to find peace within your own environment.

From Chris: The ego we experience as a daily identity has been created from the illusion of separation. The ego will never do enough nor be enough as the belief in lack or not being enough is it’s basis of identity. If we continue along the path of this belief we will always seek to do and this will never be enough. Being remains in the realm of what we identify as Higher Self. What is our goal on this earth? Is it to continue the many facets of being an ego or to experience our multifaceted Being in Higher realms?

From Bobbie: We are brought up in this society with the belief that our worth is measured by our productivity. There are societies on earth where  people do very physical work and it is accepted. This erroneous and self defeating belief of not always getting enough done is more has a more earthly connection than Spiritual. There are souls who are here to do, and perform, work of a higher nature which will not always require physical motion or demonstration in such a way that it can be measured.  All physical needs are provided for these souls who have chosen this type of service and it cannot be measured by earthly standards.

From Sol: Breathing out, breathing in. The cosmos does not operate in a vacuum. There is movement, and in and through this movement, there is change. Change dictates action and from action there is movement.

Teachers and aged interverance from other stellar and cosmic-type projections have shared a level of knowledge about achieving a state of beingness. At times this information has been processed and misunderstood through human interpretation. When one “reaches this state”, one might mistakenly assume that a quality of pause will be the primary component of oneness, All There Is. In actuality, oneness is composed of a multiplistic level of harmonic that cannot be comprehended by any level of expanded human understanding due to the magnitude (even that word pales due to broad interpretation) of this level of beingness.

So my dear, to sit on the mountaintop and just, as you say, “be” is one interpretation. As you gain another perspective – action and movement are the outward expressions of an inward beingness that is never static. However, linguistics on your earth plane can at times provide the interpretation that beingness is static as in a destination or a “place” to reach.

Question from Sol:  What is the best way for me to become spiritually conscious?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: Growth is realized through efforts made to obtain total spiritual consciousness. It would be more satisfying to you to initially connect with your spiritual contemporaries who share this goal. Each one has the same goal of returning to the One, and have various experiences and much to offer.

From Chris: (I saw a large rising sun)
Know you are as the Rising Sun, already being who you are but hiding your Light in the shadows. A new day will dawn as you rise to the occasions of your daily living. Where do you see shadows still? Allow them to come to the Light… to Your Light…there you will find your answers… and your Family.

From Linda: Weave a basket. Each strand that goes into the basket is part of the whole. Each reed is part of the Earth and is connected to the Earth. Meditate and see yourself weaving the basket and look and feel each reed as it becomes part of the basket and gets woven into the whole. This may take months and years to complete the basket but keep connecting to each reed. As you do this, cosmic family members will come into your life and create your family basket in the physical plane and in the etheric plane. Hold the basket as it is being created and continue to meditate with it in your vision. This is a female Native American practice that connects the tribes over long distances. Holding the basket in meditation, you can communicate with your Earth bound and Cosmic family.

From Monti: Your consciousness connects with interplanetary ideals that enforce a union of cosmic creation and does not differentiate between earth and the universe. Your universal persona yearns for connection with All That Is, and the threads that combine to morph your consciousness into the interplanetary web. This carries you further from the truth of your being, rather than closer because you are consciously denying your own role in the plan. Your role is one of creation of essence–you verbalize your willingness to create and step into the vision of your multi-verse entity. Thus, we ask you to identify the intention behind your question and begin to verbalize that entity that you know you are. Your beingness is hidden behind the shadow of your need to keep one foot in the civilization that supports your reality and the other foot in the creation of your magic.

Again, we connected via conference call and accessed guidance to answer individual questions.

Question from Bobbie in Northern Virginia – what do I need to know from a high perspective regarding the crisis on the border?

Guidance Offered:

From Chris in Raleigh, NC: ( I saw a strong color of red before this message)
Decisions as these are ideally made from a groundedness  of being and a subsequent connectedness with higher realms. What is needed is a return to this connection to create a pro active rather than a reactive stance. We are to hold this ENERGY of being GROUNDED for those responsible in this situation.

From Sol in Southwest US: When you go into your heart where all is considered to be part of the greater plan of unification of both purpose and spirit, you will find the complexity and singularity of union. While your heart will dictate at times from an emotional response, it is tempered in many ways through a learned experience based on an accumulation of both past life situations and a genetic disposition from diverse experience levels where you have been on both sides of the circumstance. While there is intense anger at the inability to discover a viable solution for the problem at this moment, there are also solutions and several will surprise even the biggest skeptic. In the new times of awakening ahead, illumination will bring forward an understanding that has evaded planet earth to this point in time. There is always a dissolution before an awakening for reuniting. Allow, and we say this in the most broadest of terms, allow. Step lightly with awareness and your heart will open to new possibilities. And solutions will be available.

From Linda in Richmond, VA: This is a opportunity for a miracle. This will not be a future crisis. It will be easily resolved and abundance will supply all their needs. The same thing happened with the Boat People from Vietnam and they had all the diseases and were moved to all points of the United States. They are now productive members of the United States. Many became fisherman in Louisiana and they have integrated into the United States. Remember the US is a melting pot and is made up of people from around the world. This crisis will be a thing of the past with little memory of the crisis in time. Let the anger go and just send love to the people and the situation and it will be resolved. The powers that be want you to be afraid of diseases that will be carried to many parts of the US but with love we can heal instead of being infected. Blessings to the children.

From Monti: The perspective of beings invading your territory is a karmic resonance with hordes of invaders crossing boundaries throughout history. In past cases, these so-called invaders were either fought back or they overcame those living in the country to take over. In this case, those who are invading are vulnerable and needy, looking for protection beyond the boundaries of their nations which will not and can not nourish or protect them. They are seeking the vibrance of a so-called new life in which they will be nourished and protected. Of course, this is an illusion, and their desire is so strong that they are willing to risk death in order to achieve the possibility of security. The US media is focusing on this issue for the first time, but it has been a long time coming, and the growing insensitivity of these countries to the well-being of their people has contributed to the problem. The solution is not in sending back the hordes of invaders, but in working with the country infrastructures to renovate their economies, secure their boundaries and feed their people. However, the mentality of those in charge will make this an uphill battle. At the current rate, there is no possible or satisfactory outcome for at least 50 years. Instead, there will be an ongoing struggle between the haves and have-nots, not only at the borders, but inside the country, as the struggle between the economically prosperous and the increasingly poor will continue.

Question from Linda: Having trouble finding joy in something new and how to focus lives going forward.

Guidance Offered:

From Monti: This is understandable. While your core being is in a stable situation, there is no light drawing you to anything in particular at this time. Allow yourself to rest in the possibility that this is a holding pattern for you, being on the shore of the lake while you are not swimming to the other shore, because there is nothing attracting you to the other side. Rest in the knowledge that All that Is is supporting you and readying you for the next step in your journey. Putting your foot on the path of “life” allows you to interact with those energies supporting you while not integrating with a new experience until that experience presents itself. What the future holds is a different reality which is not in conjunction with your current experience. We see you stepping out of your current nature and being a new version of Linda who does not relate in any way to the past, but your consciousness is being aligned with a partition between the old and new. Your integration is going forward and there is another assignment for you, going forward.

From Bobbie:  Know that we, as light workers, are in a respite at this time having had so many of the earthly experiences, and are now beyond the need to re-experience them.  As the energy changes on this planet there will be a correlation in our personal energy which will attract new experiences which we will find exciting.  We will be finding new ways to express ourselves and be of services to others.

From Sol: The question revolves around an inability to determine through a conscious choice what will facsimile previous patterns of joy, happiness and resolution — wanting, desiring and fulfilling. The formula of experience, whereas fulfillment is reached, allows one the ability find joy and happiness through those circumstances and chosen situations.

As one begins to go through an awakening cycle, the process pertains to the assembling and accumulation of a plethora of experience that is merged into one of ISness—a stillness whereas good, bad, joy, hate and love are just ‘is’ — ALL THAT IS. This ascended relationship to time provides a different perspective — the process of aging sometimes brings this level of understanding. Through this awareness, the individual can share this state of neutrality which blends into joyful unification where we all are and we just allow. (Emotion can be the glue that binds someone to a certain moment in ‘time’ and doesn’t allow a broader comprehension of cause and effect.)

From Chris: ( I saw a chrysalis in white and the word Transformation before this message)
In the process of TRANSFORMATION there is first the stillness then the eventual awakening with the subsequent joy of experiencing a NEW sense of FREEDOM.  ALLOW yourself to find comfort in each stage of your new experience and as you do , you will easily then experience a new sense of joy and freedom. JOY IS NOT FOUND but experienced as a result of ALLOWING LIFE TO UNFOLD.

Question from Chris: The energies feel different now ,(i.e., many dreams but difficult to remember). What is one of the most important aspects of being that we need to remember?

Guidance Offered:

From Sol: What you are asking in a synoptic perspective is:
‘Why am I having to go through this cycle of internal cataclysm?’
‘Why am I feeling devoid of any semblance of ‘normality’ and connectedness to what I have garnered through experiential relationship to my life to this point in time?’

And we say to you, all will change, my dear. You are morphing into the ‘new’ human and in this process you will need to discover a way of coping with a reality that is flowing along multiple pathways simultaneously. So while in the past you were able to hang onto ‘islands’ of sort, climb aboard and look around at what was happening to have a period of pause, now you will need to flow and in this flow be able to handle and process through an extremely fast level of speed all that you are and all that you are learning to become this new self.

From Linda:   See the energies as a stream (a river) and join the stream. Ride the current and relax. Don’t try to swim to the shore or swim upstream because that will bring chaos into your life. As you float in the current, notice what you see and feel, but don’t worry about holding onto it. It will influence you, but will not own you. If you try to hold onto it and remember it, it will try to own you and hold you back. Just relax and experience. This is the lesson that you are learning. As you master this technique you will bring this into the current memory of the planet and others will being to experience this also. As more and more people begin to practice this, the chaos on the planet will begin to dissolve. Enjoy the ride!

From Bobbie: We need to go within more now than ever before, and refine our energy. Remember that we all have the ability to adjust accordingly to that which confronts us.  It all begins with our cognitive choice of not recognizing it.

From Monti: Where you find yourself in energies of turmoil or chaos, remember that your core being is aligned with the highest purpose of your soul and that your soul’s assignment will be fulfilled via the circular nature of a corresponding universal pulse. Your question of your own direction is a higher need to understand the purpose and nature of the universal experience and that is beyond the brain functioning of humans at this time. Know that as a seeker who understands spiritual rules, you can align with your higher self and apply what you have learned to navigate the swirling and turbulent energies which you are sensing. This is a valid perception; accept that you are indeed understanding and perceiving correctly.

Question from Sol:  What can be said/guidance provided regarding currently experiencing what seems to be a VOID state?

Guidance Offered:

From Linda: Your anxiety is high and you are not relaxing. Don’t worry about getting answers right now, just put on some soothing music and sit back and relax. Messages will begin to come again in time but just be patient. A visual would be that you squeezed shut your hearing channel and the muscle needs to relax in order to get the flow open again.

From Chris: Though usual and customary energies are not currently experienced there is never a void. Again , ALLOW, is the word of the day ! Let go of the need to control and know you are joined with many as we learn to connect to new levels of Being. Atoms of Life are being rearranged to new forms. TRUST in this process and know ALL IS WELL !

From Monti: We understand your notion of the void state, feeling suspended in a universe full of activity. However, we say to you, understand that your higher nature is one of a magician who creates the alignment of stars; you are in alignment with your nature, which is one of alchemy. When you do not tune into this, you sense a state of void, which holds you in this place of process. The universal carrier of wisdom infiltrates your being and your alignment with energies in and around your being allows you to correct any dysfunction regardless of conscious action. In this way, you are making a difference in your environment and the world, regardless of intention or action. We ask you to consider your circumstances and intention going forward and align with the higher truth of your existence, knowing that all is in alignment with your best interests and your conscious desires will be fulfilled, serving you and others.

From Bobbie: The same applies to you as with our information to Linda.  As the energies intensify, the need for what might be felt as isolation intensify so as to dilute the potential harm from the energies.  We appreciate the difficulty in experiencing what might seem like suspended animation but know that it is necessary.  While it is calming it is also necessary for you to be able to engage in what will be given to you in the future.

Question from Monti: What is my karmic connection to my 8 year old cat (who has IBS) and how can I release it? Am I destined to continue taking care of him for years to come?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: Your cat is here to show you what happens when you choose to keep connections that may not be in your best interest. The bowels reflect elimination which is not going smoothly for him and in which requires your attention. Meditate on how this relates to your life on various levels and be grateful for the cat having taken on this most uncomfortable situation.

From Sol: You have been given an opportunity to share what you have learned and garnered from an expanded perspective to a seemingly limited and at times extremely mundane level of sharing who you are (as in your caring for your cat.). This is keeping you in a labor intensive process. And we say to you that in one of your steppings into time at that period known as Atlantis, there were experiments done in order to expand the animalistic nature of creatures to a higher level of consciousness. In those experiments, there was damage done and your spirit was saddened as the result. If you ask for an equalizing of sorts so that karma is neutralized, you will find that circumstances improve. You have called this experience forth to keep you on a static level so that you consciously remember that all levels are important in the process of awakening. God Bless the cat! And you will find he has served you well.

From Chris: ( tried to connect with cat)
Your cat is holding onto much anxiety and is asking for your healing presence to help release him from past trauma. You will receive a sign when your mission is complete. Continue to be the calm, nurturing Presence that you are and join with the Realms of Nature that are here to assist you.

From Linda: It is not just the cat, but other pet/people that you have had in your life. You do not like dealing with the end of life and all the mess that is involved in it. Every living being has the potential to have problems as they age and this is part of life on earth. You have to decide if this is a lesson that you want to learn or avoid during another life journey. If you choose to avoid, then do not get any more pets. The cat and you have chosen each other and you need to go within and talk to the cat’s higher self and ask him to shorten this illness and maybe his life experience. Or you can choose to lovingly work with him and finally remove this repeating cycle in your life. It is always your choice.

Again, we connected via conference call and accessed guidance to answer individual questions.

Question from Bobbie in Northern Virginia –  How do you calibrate the precise vibration to that which you want to manifest?

Guidance Offered:

From Linda in Richmond, VA:  First, you must find the vibration that you are trying to achieve. You can do this through meditation. Ask the question, what is the frequency vibration to … that which you want to manifest. Then feel the emotion in your heart that vibration and remember a wonderful event in your life and feel that feeling in your heart also. Connect the two vibrations together in your heart. Now make the intention to match your body’s vibration to this vibration. Everyday, go into your heart and remember the memory and feel the emotion and then feel the emotion of what you would feel living in your new life with what you want to manifest. By practicing this every day, you will allow your body to realign where you want to be.

From Sol in the Southwest US: The seemingly easy formula to calibrate and organize the dynamics conundrum of physiological, sociological and philosophical relationships in a developmental organismic relationship requires a specific vibrational sequencing to easily open the door.

Let us begin to say to you directly—that which you seek is within your memory banks from previous relationships in your evolutionary process as a human. In the timeframe that can be attributed to a period referred to as the Atlantean cycle, you were part of a team who had the ability to manifest by utilizing a charge formula, or dynamic frequency cycling.
Instantaneous manifestation involved the usage of several factors:
1. Physicality
2. Complex interrelationship of the vibrational, energetic and intergalactic human DNA
3. Assistance of other cosmic realm teams with the confluence of synthesis to arrange the atomic formula
You are again awakening to those abilities. Open to that awareness—you are being guided. Those will come forward in both physicality and other perceptible awareness to assist you.

From Monti: Your question includes an aspect of personality, ego, and wanting, which reflects a desire to create what you want so that everything in your life will be in perfection. Of course, the purpose of spending time on this planet in a human body is to experience the polarities associated with good, bad, right, wrong, etc., to acquire a wisdom resulting from experience (hopefully). We ask you this… if you could match your vibration to that which you want, what do you imagine would be the result? We believe that your ideal of perfection is not an individual ideal, but a complexity of possibilities and results which would take thousands of years to accomplish. Instead, we ask you, where would you go and what would you do to fulfill your heart’s desire. In that case, make the intention to set off on the path toward those goals and while doing so, keep in your heart the delight in the search, the discovery, and the sensual experiences along the way. In this way, you will have fulfilled the purpose of living on this planet and accomplished your heart’s desire.

From Chris: Our intention backed by our desires and our focus supported by feelings, create the vibration in which we manifest that which we desire. Our FOCUS is on our DESIRE and calibration is automatic as we continue to FEEL that which we focus on.

Linda’s question: What will life be like when we begin using holographic thinking?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: Each experience will be multidimensional which will foster and create new brain and electrical pathways to accommodate multidimensional thinking.   We will see, hear, and experience in ways that will save us time as we understand it now and we will be able to accomplish and manifest simultaneously; instantly connecting in a multifaceted way.  For new souls, this will be met with challenges that they may not be ready for upon entering at that time.

From Sol: The ability to be in the holism of awareness is quite simple. As one steps into the allowing of the greater Oneness, the Truth of all manifestation and being, the ability to comprehend a level of awareness becomes a sensation of floating in a sea of possibilities. When the human experience is translated from one of suffering, limitation and living according to a preordained path based on the encoding in the DNA sequencing, one is now open to a new level of understanding that evolves and is not limited. It is a collective that encompasses a network of energetic vibration that has no end, no known formula for completion only continual growth and opportunity. And within opportunity is All There Is. And All is the Oneness of possibility.

From Monti: Holographic thinking is an aspect of brain function associated with treatment of visual realities by focusing on geometric processes. These processes are in alignment with a mature development of brain function not accessible to most on the planet at this time. However, there is a holographic piece which is in function and accessible by focusing on multidimensional aspects of personality. To wit, each individual is an aspect of many other entities in different dimensions or states. What you view as 3-D is only a small portion of your galaxy and there is a process through which you can open to experiencing all aspects of your being. Begin by acknowledging this fact; that you are only focusing on the 3D aspect of who you are and you are related and connected to many, many other aspects. Let your inclusion be infinite and far-ranging. Open to new experiences and develop your ability to listen, see, and sense the outer edges of your being. Being open to these aspects of yourself will gradually allow you to open, however, register the fear aspect and acknowledge that, too. Although you are stating this is what you desire, there is an aspect of fear of the unknown which must be embraced and processed going forward.

From Chris: What is life like when we experience interdimensional living? A grander sense of AWARENESS and an APPRECIATION for the precious experience of the CONNECTEDNESS with ALL THAT IS. A grander experience of our ONENESS with  all life.

Monti’s Question : Is there something that I’m not consciously aware of that would be helpful for me to know right now?

Guidance offered:

From Bobbie: Keep focused on your health. Do not allow yourself to become stressed because it  will have an effect on all parts of your existence. Go slower and move in slow motion when you begin to feel tired. You have much to accomplish and you have only begun to experience that which is ahead of you. These accomplishments have much to do with soul evolution and you need quality time in your physical experience.  Strengthen the vehicle of the soul.

From Linda: Feel yourself floating on the water and relaxing and let the water flow you into your future direction. Relax and enjoy the slow moving ride. As you relax and get into the floating motion, you will start picking up on a calmer energy which needs to be brought into the planet at this time. This is very important energy that the planet has not known before and you will be the conduit to make it happen. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

From Sol: You are being prepared to embody the conscious awareness, the Truth of who you are and what you have come to Earth at this time and place to accomplish through your being. While seemingly complex, it is quite simple.

You feel that your life trajectory has been determined as you are connecting through an awareness to a level of your being known as the Hathors. However, we want you to know that this was just the beginning, and while they will support you through the process in your near future to expand your consciousness and awaken your abilities, they have not made it known to you about the next step as you are crystalizing pathways in your brain that have been dormant.
So my dear one, more is ahead. Embrace the change as it opens doorways for you and know that what seems to be where you are going might just be a blip before the next rush of experiential reality ahead.
From Chris: Opening windows to possibilities. Letting go of the need to manage outcomes. Trust that you are in the flow of creating new avenues of expression and ways of living.

Sol’s Question: With all the diverse and at times over-whelming life changes happening concurrently, what is recommended to stay centered to effectively navigate this period?

Guidance offered:

From Monti: Your depth of energetic connection to all time and space allows you to depart Earth at any time to experience the outer boundaries of the universe. In fact, your struggle to stay on the planet is an aspect of human development unique to your path. However, in this case, our recommendation is to stay in the present and keep your body on the planet. Resist the urge to escape from human boundaries and embrace the physical and emotional aspects of the current situation. If you regard this time as a precious gem which will be momentary in the greater scheme of your experiences, you will see that it is truly only momentary and that your focus on those in your life and the pace at which you’ve been required to move is a balance from the last year in which your pace slowed almost to a stop. Now, be aware that balance will be regained shortly and there will be emotional, physical challenges but that you are supported by your guides, masters, and angelic realms which support your best interests to assist you through this time. Your footing regained, you will soar with the integration of your experiences and the higher parallels of your connections with intergalactic energies.

From Bobbie: Grounding is recommended at this time.  You are in a space of great advancement which is leading to a sense of disconnection with the physical.   Participate in physical activity and such which will bring your focus and awareness of that which is around you.  Separation from the physical has its merits in so much it maximizes your opportunity to experience that which is around you in alternative dimensions but it is not really serving you when it compromises your physical experiences

From Linda: This is a time portal that you are experiencing right now that has many possible futures. The one you choose to experience will be determined by your thoughts right now. If you choose healing thoughts then a healing future is promoted. This doesn’t always mean that it will continue in the physical realm but in the heartfelt emotional realm. Keep positive in your thoughts and it will help you to stay energized. Use the meditation in Tom Kenyon’s book on connecting the higher and lower energies into your heart as a lotus flower and bring that love energy into each of your cells.

From Chris: Be centered in the SIMPLICITY of BEING and in the simplicity of experiencing ALL THAT  IS. Be aware of the JOY in each moment and the GRATITUDE experienced for that moment. Be with NATURE daily even for small moments and appreciate your being  in those moments.

Again, we connected via conference call and accessed guidance to answer individual questions.

Question from Linda in Richmond, VA:  I’ve read that there will be a new earth and the old earth and all the corruption will go away. Where are we in the process of the new earth and free energy devices that will allow us to live on the earth without impacting Mother Earth.

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: Time frames cannot be measured due to it depending on the rate of personal consciousness and development. Be assured it is all moving along toward perfection and unification with the Oneness.  We must concentrate on our own expansion in order for the planet to evolve.  Don’t sell yourself short on your abilities to make things happen. There is much work that needs to be done on the personal level.  Don’t spend precious time focusing on time frames. Just Be.

From Monti:  Free energy devices exist presently and are available for those who choose to use them. All is integrated and all is evolving. Our perception of the old vs new planet requires us to explain that there is no old vs new, rather an integration of consciousness which will elaborately transition all souls ready for new existence to a plane of existence requiring no effort. Rather, it will become the version of reality created by highly evolved souls willing and ready to become their highest selves. In the making but not ready for production.

From Sol: This is the time of acceleration on your planet earth. There are teams that have come from what you would consider deep space to support the process of growth and knowledge translation into techniques and new discoveries along with what could be viewed as (by many who are non-technical, non-scientific) quantum discoveries that will seem to suddenly change the course of the current situations on your earth. The template for the new technological advancements already exist. In fact many are being developed and some of the youth who have either incarnated at this time or who are walking in with high frequency will come together in a knowingness of purpose to advance the progress at an ever increasing rate within the next five to ten years. Expect that the world in which you currently exist will change noticeably. However, as change agents yourselves, you have come in to be the grounding force for this advancement as you have all been privy to the ultimate changes that are ahead. As you become ‘conscious’ again, the memory of your specific part of this mission will become clear to you.

Question from Bobbie in Northern Virginia: In view of all the upheaval in the world through the media, such as sink holes, avalanches, missing plains, sinking ships and all the political turbulence and uprisings in so many parts of the world, is all of this emanating from the energy of the earth or from outside influences?

Guidance Offered:

From Linda: It is a combination of both of these forces that have a hand in the things that are happening. The elite are loosing their grip on their reality and are fighting to regain it. They live by our fears and choose to create scenarios to promote more fear. It is our job to stay out of fear and forgive them for what they do. It is in this mode that they will begin to loose their power more each day. Living on this planet in the mode that we do is having a very large impact on Mother Earth. The sink holes are caused by too many people living in areas that are too overpopulated and draining the water below the surface too fast. In some areas we have mined the areas and left voids in the earth that should not be there. Mother Earth is shaking and with it shaking us out of our long sleep. We need to wake up and find other ways to live on the planet.

From Monti: When we survey the planet, the energy supporting life confluences with the nature of reality. This reality swerves in reaction to a natural force which creates the ongoing activities necessary to integrate humanity’s purpose with universal force. Our role in this energy is to observe but not interfere with natural progression of unfolding truths. The truth of creative reality is that there is no death and the catastrophes that are perceived as loss of lives are actually transition of souls to new realities and experiences beneficial to their growth experiences. Thus, the perception of violence, catastrophe, etc. is a polarity activity responding to nature’s need to express itself and expand. This expansion regards all as one, and no loss has occurred.

From Chris: All is vibration. The vibration of many contribute to the disassembling and transformation of the planet.

From Sol: When you consider the plethora of experiences that are happening around you, it is important to stand as firm as possible in your center and view the spinning of what is occurring from a non-attachment, objective viewpoint. Even though the lives of others are involved, and as sensitives you internally feel the pain and anguish along with the sorrow of those family members affected on many levels, all is well as there is nothing lost. In most cases, there is a predetermined conclusion to each experience and a trajectory that was decided before incarnation. If the plan has been accelerated, and issues have not been fully addressed in this lifetime, there will be choices whereas the individuals can made decisions with guidance from their higher composite perspective of next stage options for journeys to fulfillment.

Question from Chris in Raleigh, NC: Regarding the many disasters & loss of life. What is most important for us to remember that will help us to stay centered and be healing channels for the planet?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: Observe your findings and remember nothing you see is real.  It is all an illusion.  Your emotional reaction to what you see causes it to appear real.  All is playing out as was designed.

From Linda: Remember we are souls that live for all eternity. The real challenge is for the people that are left behind. This is a lesson for them to learn to accept and go on with their lives or learn through the lessons of the loss that they cannot resolve. If they spend this lifetime regretting the loss, they will not have used this opportunity to learn this lesson. We are all one, so no one is really lost forever, just lost for this lifetime. There will be many others. Concentrate on the good memories of the person lost and be happy that they are ok and in a really good place. Release their spirits so they can fly into their next adventures.

From Monti: Our focus for you is to discard the remainder of energy required to exist in 3-D reality and move into comfort with the new energy related to inter-planetary existence. Our highest selves don’t resonate with disasters and loss of life. They focus on outward appearance of interplanetary alignment and carriers of negative energy who require that energy to thrive are continuing to trigger lower level beings so that they can adjust frequencies and continue to manipulate and control humanity. What is important to remember is that the illusion of your existence is just that, an illusion that was created for you to experience different aspects of yourself. That should now be coming to an end as you transition to new alignment with inter-planetary forces supporting your growth to this new plane of existence. When you feel pulled into the negativity associated with tragedy and loss, allow yourself not to dwell on the loss, but rather the promise of new growth and transition of these souls to a plane of existence more in keeping with their soul energy.

From Sol: There will be circumstances that happen within your lives and in your vicinity of personal perspective that will affect you on many levels. What we recommend is that you take a position of  neutrality with all that occurs. Open your heart and learn non-attachment as if the world around you is continuing to play out a drama that has spent its course. As you reach this level, we know this will take time and practice for each and every one of you, you will begin to look around and those of like vibration carrying this ‘new’ foundational, planetary support mechanism of the level of divinity of the Christ Consciousness will acknowledge each other through a smile, a look, a brief glance. This unification of purpose will catalyze the synthesis of a mammoth undertaking that will accelerate the plan of forgiveness, hope and one truth.

Question from Sol in Southwest US: As a result of the intense changes and planetary shifts that have occurred in the last few weeks (eclipses, blood moons, etc.), I feel that my recent spiritual progress has now become dormant or lost. I’d like to have clarity or recommendations on next steps to regain a sense of cosmic integration and connection.

Guidance Offered:

From Chris: The loss of progress is an illusion. Allowing energies to integrate WITHOUT RESISTANCE to same is key. Motion and analysis are less valuable than the Stillness of Being. Trust in the connections you have and Know all is as it should be.

From Monti: This shift is necessary to divide the ego from the inner soul being who is ready to develop an additional layer of consciousness. We have stripped your nature to uncover the humanity and the availability of awareness that will be transitioning to this conscious level of existence where you will step forward in your truth and your true nature. Thus, the old level of operating will no longer be accommodated. We say to you, upload the new level of truth which you perceive has developed over the past 6 months and speak it. You are a multidimensional being and the old 3-D version of your consciousness will not accommodate this new awareness. Be with your truth, and speak it more than you feel comfortable to develop the ability to integrate what you know with what you perceive, and relate to others in a new manner.

From Linda: Don’t try to resolve everything at once. It is a growing process and just as growth takes time so does your integration. Take one moment at a time and just stay in the NOW. Thinking of the past and future only causes the feeling of being overwhelmed.

From Bobbie: Need to take more time to meditate and by doing so you will naturally feel more centered and balanced. The use of objects from the earth such as natural minerals, trees, essences and the like from the earth, i.e. crystals, wood, flowers, essences, other species (animals) etc. will bring about balance, peace and harmony and serve to neutralize and offset the energies we now experience.

Question from Monti: I recently put my house on the market, do you have any insights or advice for me about this?

Guidance Offered:

From Chris: I saw you floating calmly down a river (as if you were floating in an inner tube.) Your timing is in alignment with your evolving levels of being. Continue to follow your guidance and the change in location will move with ease. You are in the Flow!

From Linda: Put your attention into what you want in your future environment and don’t worry about your existing home. You need to allow your thoughts energies to go forward and pull your future abode toward you. Your new home will be your paradise.

From Bobbie: Your house will be sold soon which will be the end of one of many of your chapters in life. There is a new location that is now needed for you to be more in alignment with your new energy field and will be necessary for the beginning of your new chapter. The person who will be buying your home has already selected it and they are now busy with tying up logistics on their end. The transitions of locations both for you and them are in perfect concert with future growth and experiences.

From Sol: You are in the first stages of a new cycle that will involve much transition. You’re disconnecting from something that was part of a previous plan of life, which is providing the potential for a new life that will involve the opening of your abilities to be—we emphasize ‘BE’ as you are a doer extraordinaire — to be the person, the vibration, the channel, the integrated force of many aspects of a level of understanding far beyond the comprehension of many. You have come to integrate and translate two diverse aspects of being so that others can relate. This first stage is part of your own ability as a human being to accelerate this integration process for yourself. Even though you’ve had some previous experiences in the human form, this will be different for you. So ALLOW — we say this to you with the utmost respect — allow the process to unfold. There are many who you’ll meet who will send you in directions that are supportive for your unfolding. There is no need to rush to the finish line.

On April 4, 2014, we connected via conference call and accessed guidance to answer individual questions.

Question from Monti: If I move ahead with the idea of getting my house ready to sell, can you give me some guidance about timing and relocation. Do you see this as an option for me?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie in Northern Virginia: You will be given a strong inclination of the time at a time while you’re performing your normal daily activity.  You will recognize it immediately.  Regarding the location, it would be best for you to physically view areas through looking at a map.  Hover over possible areas either with your hand or perhaps a pendulum.

From Linda in Richmond:  With your connection to the energy of the ocean, you will need a location of energy alignment. Start driving around the area and see if you resonate with any particular area. In the past, what areas have you felt happy and energized by. You will always be provided for, so you don not need to relocate at this time unless you choose to. Your next location might not be Charleston, so keep your mind open to new possibilities. Having your house ready for sale will allow you to move quickly if you choose.

From Sol in the Southwest: What you are experiencing is an urging within your soul regarding the changes that are ahead for you as the shifts begin to accelerate in both your own body vehicle and life, and throughout the global experience of awakening. To move will afford you new opportunities and a new freedom that is easy to ascertain in many ways as a preparatory step that will be viewed by many as a start of your enfoldment. Your spiritual community will be aware that you are spreading your wings to be ready on a larger playing field. While you have been content with being ‘little’ Monti Scribner hiding out near the beach and integrating with the water and the nymphs that are co-participating with you to support your process, you are ready to begin working more fully with the Earth Mother and making a broader contribution. This will require flexibility of sorts in order to move around and travel to many places that now and in the past you have only fantasized about. The process will be as easy as you make it. You have a tremendous guidance system supporting you. As you make each decision, it will be supported. Remember to not get ahead of yourself as a process is required. Take the first step with confidence and don’t look back. Many resources will come forth.

Question from Bobbie: Of all the resources available to us, such as guides, angels, saints,etc, how do we select which resource that might best suit the situation with which we are requesting assistance?
Guidance Offered:
From Monti: You are in alignment with your highest level of guidance and assistance. What you don’t trust is your own judgment in how you go about addressing the issues that come up for you. When an issue arises, are you uncertain or confident in the way you move forward? Your uncertainty stems from a past life experience in which a loved one was endangered as a result of a word you inexplicably uttered at the wrong time in the wrong environment. The memory of this experience is in your DNA and triggers your uncertainty regarding stepping forward on your path. Healing this trigger is essential going forward, as we see you surrounded by experienced, supportive guides and you need not name them to receive assistance. Rather, ask for the best and highest assistance available to address your issue and it will be given. Ask and it will be given, we know that you “know” this is true in your mind, in your heart, in your body, and now absorb it in all of your being because when you ask, it is given.
From Linda:  Why do you need to take the time to determine who to ask, just say ‘help’ and the appropriate guide will come to your assistance.  This will allow you to grow and expand to entities that you have not met yet and who have not entered your consciousness yet. You do not have to wait to need help to meet others, just say ‘hi’ and who would like to talk to you, Only those in the light, of course!

From Sol: When you look at the multidimensional aspect of yourself that is coexisting in many different levels of existence, you will see that you are so diverse and expansive, and have accumulated, let us say, a plethora of support systems that can be accessed throughout the cosmological system as it exists. We say to you that while you are concerned as to who to call on your cosmic cell phone, you are endowed with a frequency bandwidth that goes past any level you can currently comprehend in your state of mental capacity. When you request assistance, there are those who are most willing to be of service to you and who have been assigned of sorts for each stage of your evolvement process of unfolding the beauty of your lotus state of being. You have a higher level of existence that is you and is working with you. Currently this process is happening in your sleep state to awaken you to your existence beyond the confines of the earth’s magnetic pull. As the awakening process continues for you, you will brush off the clouds from your eyes and have clarity beyond what you can imagine. You will see all those around you who will step forward as your team and support you as you continue the awakening of your cosmic self.

Question from Linda: How can I get well and how can I get my energy back to the way it was before?

Guidance Offered:
From Bobbie: The need for deep introspection is necessary.  Dig beneath what you think the cause is because there are roots emanating from the physical experience you have had over milleniums.  Now is the time to crack the shell and let your essence pop it’s head out like a duckling’s first experience with the light of day. With introspection comes the awareness needed to confront the denial of the incident that you elected to experience for your growth.  It still remain part of your psyche and needs to be addressed.  It will take courage and you would do well asking for assistance from other like-minded people.
From Sol: The question will be of interest to others in the extent that many are starting to have symptoms associated with the release of trauma, suffering and various levels of drama in their DNA. Some are facilitated through surgery, others through medical procedures while others can be modulated through rest and nutritional and/or medical remedies. What we say to all in this process is that first it is important to be silent with yourself and eliminate all the chatter in your head. Then go into the central core of your being and ask for help. While you might be wanting a dramatic transformation of sorts, in actuality the body is a finely tuned instrument that requires procedural efforts in which the entire blueprint of the body is being restructured to carry a higher and more refined frequency. Therefore, as you are wondering how to do this, be OK that there is a process. You are remembering the ability to create instantaneous healing and while this indeed will be possible, currently the requirement will be baby steps. While these baby steps are taken, be sure to acknowledge how far you have come as you are a wayshower for many.
From Monti: There are a number of contributing factors to why you are in this position. First, you are in an energetic circle which is broken. You aren’t perceiving the break which contributes to the illness occurring. The strength you find in yourself is not enough of itself to help restore your immune system. A system of therapy from body workers, and others who specialize in working with the energy body and physical body, which is not only systematic but regular, will assist in supporting your system so that it does not decline towards illness. Also, the work environment, although emotionally stable at the moment, is not facilitating your continued health. There are versions of air and toxic environmental categories which you experience on a daily basis, which contribute to erosion of good health. Rather than taking drastic action, you may begin one step at a time by building in positive aspects of support from within and without. Going forward, ask yourself on a daily basis, how do I feel, how am I really feeling, and sense what is encroaching on your system which might contribute to an imbalance.


Question from Sol – What can we personally expect based on the dialogue that cosmic thought leaders are referencing as the Divine Landing or Divine Alchemy starting mid-April?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: You can expect changes in your biology and chemistry which will have an influence on every aspect of your existence.   Expect to sense changes in your physical self, such as releasing in physical ways  through secretions like colds, sneezing, and skin eruption, perspiration. Cognitively you might experience unclear thinking, muddling of thoughts, bouts of foggy brain.  Emotionally you might have extreme ups and downs.  Cosmically you will sense an increase of awareness of your expansiveness and connectedness with the ONE.
From Linda: Focus on the core of your being and expand it out first around your body, then your house, then your neighborhood, then your county, state, the United States and the planet. Continue out to your universe, then other universes. You will now be able to access more information after mid April then before possible in your human forms. Integrate this information and in the next couple of years people will begin creating new solutions and new realities with expanded visions.

From Monti: We are in arrangement of the divine alchemy, which is an energetic field of hopeful emanation of extra coalition which will allow certain on the planet to exist on a higher level of consciousness. Those who access this level of consciousness will step into a divine cloud of authority which supports their ability to understand and diffuse the trauma, drama and everyday existence formerly called “normal.” This is not normal, but an aberration of what should be occurring through the divine alchemists and architects of this civilization. We ask, what would be the hope of all those in consciousness who are truly in alignment with their highest self? To connect with their soul on a constant basis, rather to merge with soul guidance and allow the unfolding of a mythic level of existence never anticipated by those in consciousness at this time. We ask you to withhold judgment and experience this phase of time for what it is and allow the unfolding, for when you step onto this stairway to ascension, it will carry you to a new level of consciousness.

March 1, 2014 Conference Call:

Question from Monti: What is the connection that we have, that makes us feel so close to each other?  Is this the best way that we can provide each other with support right now?

Guidance Offered:

From Chris in Florida: We have been in this circle for eons of time (i.e., Druids). Our energetic connection at this time not only supports each other but is supportive of energetic changes occurring on the planet at this time.

From Linda in Richmond:  Energetically we are all linked at a soul level and we agreed to work together before we came on the planet. How we are working together today is putting our questions and answers into the collective consciousness and doesn’t matter if an individual reads this on the web site or just has a knowing of the answers that we have brought into the planet. Yes this forum is definitely the best way to work together at this time and the more our higher selves will continue to work together even after the phone conference ends.

From Sol in Southwest US: Your group of like-minded beings are unanimous in the comprehension that the global transformation is affecting not only your group as a small integral entity and also the planet as a whole. You have all walked this path together through many incarnations as various aspects of yourselves and have co-decided along with your cosmic hierarchal heritage that this was the time on earth to bring in more of your energetic fingerprint to affect the whole. The grouping of your entities is a crystalline formation that will expand in scope. While you feel that you are a ‘couple of gals just helping each other to transform’, much is happening energetically as you interact on these calls that is affecting both a larger conglomerate structure of individuals and is facilitating the abilities of higher intelligence to work on you all as a group to synthesize different frequency modules within you both collectively and individually to move forward. Remember that as you have moved before on earth to sow the seeds of unity and Christ consciousness, now the larger aspect of unity and oneness will begin to come through all of you almost effortlessly as you carry the vibration of divinity and oneness that many are seeking. Go forth and know you are God.

From Bobbie in Northern Virginia: We agreed to this bond at the time we shared in Lemuria.  We have been together since continually being a support to each other sharing the same goal of enlightenment. We have known that the only way of reaching this goal is to be of service to others who will also have this as their mutual goal.

Question from Linda:  Is the earth ever going to achieve a state of total peace with no wars? And if I keep my thoughts on only peace and love and not pay attention to the news and happenings of the day, can I only experience peace? The fear is if we don’t get involved in events that surround us, would this allow things like Hitler be allowed to happen.

Guidance Offered:

From Monti: Where you focus your attention and energy creates a bond with that subject which renovates it according to your own perceptions. However, you are merging your thoughts with others in different consciousness who perceive it differently. This consciousness connection creates a new version of the reality which can grow according to collective consciousness. Our message to you is to allow yourself to blend your intentions and thought processes with your creative impulses. Never follow a path which you do not believe in; and not to create a version of the truth for your own purposes. Rather, if you feel compelled to follow a path and make an active difference do it because you are honestly compelled to do so. Otherwise, the consciousness / your own consciousness is a development of peace as you create it. Turning away from something violent or abusive because you don’t want to see or experience the emotions associated with it is acceptable, and only if you feel motivated to address it should you shift your attention further into it.

From Chris: As you achieve peace, so all are energetically connected to same as we are all One. There is nothing to Do but all is about Being. Being at Peace! Peace is God’s will for all; we are all free to choose. Do we choose Peace for ourselves in All circumstances?

From Sol: When you look to world politics and all that is occurring both in your own immediate vicinity and on a global level, you will see that those of the earth are attempting to find resolutions for issues that have been programmed into the human psyche for millenniums. Innate in most beings, there is the desire for all that you collectively want in terms of love and peace. Many do not have the knowledge or the support for this level of transformation. As the wayshowers, it is important to understand what is occurring and keep your focus on what is good and just, transforming any anxieties in your immediate life process and then expanding it out. It will create a catalytic experience that will begin this total global experience. While peace and love are the optimum–there will always be a level of tension for transformation.

From Bobbie: You are not responsible for the outcome.  The situations in the world are all in Divine order and it’s necessary for the soul growth of its inhabitants and not to be judged. Your job is to focus on self only and let the chips fall where they may.  In other words, don’t be worried about the wars. Let others do the worrying and the participation. All is well and as it should be.

Question from Sol: There seems to be a consensus in the spiritual community that a shift in consciousness or unification will occur by 2016. However, if the mind cannot provide information as to the transformation that is currently taking place, how will I know that transformation is even occurring in my body.

Guidance Offered:

From Linda: The body is always transforming continuously and everyone transforms at different times. There is no one point in time that this occurs. Looking back in time, you can determine that a shift has occurred but while going through a transformation, it is really difficult noticing the subtleties of change. The scientists always discuss the point and the wave where the wave displays all the points in time continually. If you try to look at a point in time, ti changes because you are now looking at the next point in time and so on. It is easier to look at a point in time in the past because it has already happened and is locked in time. So don’t frustrate yourself with trying to identify the movement but be grateful of the evolution that took place.

From Monti: Your conscious awareness that change is occurring is contained in a force field of higher intelligence that supports your being. When the shift occurs (and it will occur in your time of 2016) your being will transpose into a more light-filled essence and your consciousness will arrive at a different level of understanding (the nature of existence). Your body, at this time, will also be light-filled, and your nature, as you know it, will transcend the usual economic influences of matter and earth. There is an earthly arrival of new mindset, and you will not know yourself as you know yourself now. In essence, your arrival to this point in existence will be of this earth but allowing consciousness to lift the connections…there are not ways to express this in human terms other than to say that your transference will be of increased connection with the web of light and connections with higher intelligences will be complete.

From Chris: Trust in Self empowers you to be aware of transformative experiences. To develop this trust, be aware on a day to day basis, subtle changes that would indicate to you that energetic shifts are occurring. Maintaining alignment with Self and knowing that this Self is in charge of the process will also increase awareness of mental and physical changes catalyzed by energetic shifts.

From Bobbie: Why would this be important to you? You will address it the same way whether the (headache, etc) is from an energy adjustment or from a physical cause. Knowing the reason will not enable you to eradicate it faster but possibly it might aid with tolerating it better.  Most energy adjustments are very subtle so therefore don’t waste precious moments focusing on the physical body but rather continue to pursue the need for adjustments in the spiritual consciousness.

Question from Chris: Since I travel and live in more than one location, what do I need to be more aware of since I don’t have a sense of “roots”.

Guidance Offered:

From Sol: Your journey as a soul in transformation with years of progressively going into the energy of life and making yourself available to others as a guide and a counselor has allowed you to understand the human condition, and also create confusion within you as to your connection with the Earth Mother. To throw off this embedded program structure, the movement to different areas is allowing the process to begin where the vortexual units of the earth are sending different vibrational frequencies within your being to transform and shake-up this embeddedness. This process is intended to purposely confuse you and provide a new platform on which to grow–as a plant on the earth beginning to blossom.

From Linda: The soul is fluid even though the body seems solid. When the physical body is in a location, it picks up the vibration and energies of that location and is influenced by them. The soul is integrating all the bodies experiences in all locations and integrating them. The body is drawn to locations where it needs energy work from that location. The local energies will trigger in you what you need to work on and release. Once these issues are resolved, you will no longer need to be in that location.

From Monti: Your lack of a feeling of connection to your location is abbreviating your ability to track your consciousness to a particular area. Thus, you are suspended in a state of arrival – always arriving, never connecting. This creates a feeling of floating and also allows you to ascend above what would naturally occur if you were living in only one place. Where you locate for a brief period only provides a limited amount of nurturance for your thoughts, feelings, and body. So, we suggest that when you arrive in a location, rather than feeling temporary, identify those experiences which can create a permanency. Without that feeling of permanency, you will become a nomad regardless of location. You are a person who requires a sense of consistency and also roots. Identify what that means to you and create it for yourself regardless of location.

From Bobbie: You will know when you are ready to sprout permanent roots. You are being given experiences in multiple places which will aid in making your final choice. Each location comes with its own unique energy and experiences which, again, will enable you to select the most favorable place to reside.

Question from Bobbie: Is a statement of declaring protection sufficient to protect me when I open myself to channel?

Guidance Offered:

From Sol: The form of protection that you will need to keep your fields in a state of constant vigilance against those that would cause you harm or feed on your energetic frequencies is one of continual process and learning. Once you reach a stage of enlightenment and neutrality, you will have achieved a level of solid protection which is a ‘ring-past-not.’ In the meantime, we suggest that you work morning and evening to create a bubble of protection around you which will be with you at all times–your own crystalline Merkabah of Light. The language you use will depend on your belief system and ability to create a force field that is indicative of your core beliefs of what is good and evil. The form that you use that you believe in your being will keep out all that is unjust will support you. As you begin to consciously expand into other areas of your understanding with cosmic or multilevel communications, those who have other methods for protection that will be more aligned will appear for your consideration.

From Chris: Our daily Intention and Focus on Light completes the Protective statement. Being aware and clearing old fears regarding vulnerability provides a Knowing that there is nothing but Light and all else is illusion.

From Monti: Your question about protection is evidence of a deep-seated fear of invasion or control by outside entities which would alter your current state of balance. We say, your state of balance is of the light and you are protected by your individual alliance with confirming forces. Your instant affirmation that you are protected is sufficient to maintain your connection with all that is during channeling and day to day experiences. You are of the light, however, your version of reality is not, as you know, an accurate depiction of the state of the web of existence, and your connection with this web allows you to be protected. Again, affirm and you are protected.

From Linda:  I saw all (Bobbie’s) work caseloads as the ants overwhelming you and you feel that you are loosing a piece of yourself to this. You don’t need to be protected from this but just let the caseload go – release it. As your thoughts move onto new things, these ants/caseload thoughts will also go away. This principle is demonstrating the law of attraction and thus with this group all of our intentions are for the good of all and only these energies will be attracted to our thoughts and the answers we provide.

February 1, 2014 Conference Call:

Question from Bobbie in Northern Virginia: I’m in the midst of transition and now is definitely time for change. Is there anything I can do to facilitate smoother transition through this realignment from a physically based consciousness to one of pure light?

Guidance Offered:

From Monti: Your perception that you are not pure light is incorrect. Your lightness of being is a consequence of continual connection with spirit. Your issue then is how to relate on the 3-D level. You are always flying in the ethers rather than grounding. Despite this, your functioning is better than you perceive. Your transition is appropriate and your anxiety is unfounded. Be with this and stop everything possible during the next few months. This will happen smoothly and easily as you allow yourself to be guided. Take action when you sense the positive coaching of your guides.

From Sol in Southwest US: The fear and anxiety you are experiencing of the unknown is stopping the forward motion of your life in areas that will unfold for you. There is a concern that letting go will not produce acceptable outcome. Take a baby step forward and each step will provide more guidance and support. As you look around you, all will be slowly revealed.

From Linda in Richmond: If you focus on the physical, you will continue to deal with the physical. If you focus on the light, you will bring more light into your being. Take a small part of your day and focus on the light, and each day increase this time. The physical problems will reduce and give you more time for the spiritual.

From Chris in Florida: Consciousness is a vibration on many levels. To increase your frequency, release any perceived density. Start with your Awareness of density in your consciousness and in your surroundings.

Linda’s Question:  How do we work on the ascension process while trying to function in the real world?

Guidance Offered:

From Chris: Your Awareness is key. There is nothing to “work on”. Be aware of life situations presented to you and your reactions to same. Your non attachment to your reaction and reactions of others is the way in which you ascend. Ascension is an ongoing process.

From Sol: You are currently ‘ascending’ as all will never be or act the same in your historic moment of time. There has been a catalystic conversion of ‘reality’ occurring and due to the acceleration of time, based on the perceptible reality as you go through your day, the reality of your day will support the process you are requesting. Notate all that you see around you and watch the subtleties—these will provide the information that you seek.

From Bobbie: I saw a lobster trap first prior to being told that “safety is a self limiting trap that is no longer useful in the real world.”

From Monti: Your question relates to a higher vibration of existence not understood in 3-D. In fact, ascension is a continual process related to energetic connections with All That Is and regardless of your intention, this is occurring. Your job is to “be” with your body and mind and allow yourself to respond to inner prompts, intuitions; and regardless of fears, identifying your journey; the path you are to take is predestined but your choices matter. Be with the choices and identify the path that is filled with light. Your heart also guides you.

Chris’s Question: What would be helpful to focus on, on any level (physical, mental or emotional)  in order to be a clear channel for myself and for all who ask for insights?

Guidance Offered:

From Bobbie: I saw a bottle of windex which is used for cleaning windows.  Imagine a window and focus on its clarity and how sparkling clean it is at all times. This will encourage information to come forth from the Universe.

From Sol: The first step is to understand in your heart why—why would you want to share insight for others that they would be able to receive through their own guidance. What we recommend is to first solidify the channels for yourself. You could begin the process in a small way. Assume that the process will entail sitting in a quiet space, asking a simple question for guidance and then be open to what is received. Does a bird sing outside, does the phone ring, do you feel a sensation within? Notate this and then begin again at another point—each time you ask you will receive. When you are comfortable with the process for yourself, provide this process for others and teach them to access for themselves.

From Linda: Our higher selves have a more expanded view of all that is and you could connect your physical heart to your higher self’s heart and then to the Christ heart and ask your question and then bring the answer through your 3rd eye to your heart and feel your answer.

From Monti: Your focus on external demands is intruding on your ability to function as a clear channel. The order in which you place your priorities would have to change and you are not ready to do that. Your focus on metaphysics, spirit and spiritual subjects is innate to your nature. Live it and don’t separate it from your daily interactions. When you ask, you receive and right now, you continue to doubt yourself. That small kernel of doubt is inhibiting your ability to attain clarity. In fact, loving yourself as you acknowledge your abilities and move through the door to fruition will step you into a new order of conscious awareness. Your abilities are currently being inhibited by ego, or feeling that you need to be an enabler of others. Release that sense of caretaking and soar. We see you flying.

Sol’s Question: I’ve been going through an interesting process, and want to get into a more supportive situation but nothing is opening for me. I feel like I’m going through a prolonged pregnancy. Why are there no doors opening or that I feel that there is ‘no room at the inn’?

Guidance Offered:

From Linda: You are a beautiful being and very loved. You need this experience so you can feel the emotions and thoughts and  fears. You will be able to assist many in the future on your path and you will write a book on patience and thought guidance to help others get through this process. The elephant pregnancy is a great way to describe the process. The Elephant’s Journey to a new way of living. Note: Thought guidance – write a daily log of your thoughts and over time this will provide a thought and how it gets resolved)

From Chris: Timing is everything. Receptivity of others is part of your process.
Do you believe you deserve all that will be offered?

From Bobbie: I saw a row of dominoes and was told that all the components (several and all very complicated) necessary to complete the game (your mission) are being aligned by the Universe. The delays stem from the free choice of others, otherwise referred  to as components, and they are not where they should be at this time. There are multiple dimensions all working toward an outcome that will be profound for you and others.

From Monti: Your void state is holding the conscious awareness of universal truth for beings unable to relate to actual existence. In a particular situation, you are able to hold energetic consciousness but you are relating your experience to a 3-D party that never ends. This party will only end when you put your foot outside the doorway to your current existence. It does not relate in any way to who you are as a person and is not related to your deep and abiding consciousness which profoundly affects the Earth. Your stability is in question only as far as you perceive a lack of monetary support. However, you are supported in a different way by beings of light and the power you project, regardless of perception, is exceptional. Place the foot outside the door of your current existence, cry, weep, and move on.

Monti’s Question: What are my personal cosmic triggers for 2014? What codes are being activated in me and what can I expect to happen?

From Bobbie: I saw a raised bar that an athlete jumps over with the assistance of a pole. Your cosmic trigger will be Universal insights in 2014 that you will be given which will catapult you into areas of unknown consciousness.  Expect to feel dizzy so seek new and novel ways to ground yourself.

From Sol: There is an alignment that you are experiencing with a multi-dimensional framework of communication with other species (let us say) that are interested in supporting the process of evolution through the vehicle as yourself to share the evolutionary logic of hope and trust through language and also photography imagery (and language) that will carry a vibration to trigger those levels within others that are ready to ride the wave with you. The specific codes that will be activated will be based on a procedural process that will be provided within this year (six months) and will be delineated to you in a formula-type basis.

From Linda: Life is a journey and you always want to know the destination The destination can change depending on the choices you make using free will. Joy is going to be highly activated in you in 2014…You are the mother energy and share this energy with others. Just be in JOY and enJOY it.

From Chris: You are referring to codes that are the natural responses to life situations that occur as a result of that which you are magnetizing in your current situations. Awareness is key as the answers will be experienced in the moment. Notice patterns of responses for it is there you will find answers. Be aware of your attachment to outcome.