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Monti Scribner is an author and spiritual teacher. She connects with higher guidance to provide outside-the-box perspectives on life issues. Monti’s heartfelt mission is to assist and support you to:

– Achieve life balance,

– Identify and release blocks to expressing your authentic nature, and

– Maximize your ability to easily navigate life experiences.


Readings offer insights and strategies for navigating your life and empower you to connect with your authentic self…

– Question/Answer format: Answers to your specific questions.

– Global Perspective: Receive a global perspective on your past, present, and future.

Phone and in-person readings available.

Containing pioneering, new thought paradigms and illuminating insights, this book answers Universal questions about multidimensionality, the drama game, predestination, navigating your life path and more.


Amazon Book Reviews: “Not What We Appear To Be: New Perspectives For Conscious Living”

5.0 out of 5 starsA Much Needed Book For the 21st Century Human
“Because I am very interested in conscious living, I found this book to be an invaluable resource for truly understanding what it means to be a conscious human, awake and aware. The content is predominantly in the form of questions and answers–an accessible format to present some challenging concepts.The author’s questions, which come from her own curiosities born from life experience, are intelligently crafted. While reading the book, the answers that came through from higher consciousness resonated with me yet left me pondering the information and reaching for more. This is the kind of book I will read over and over knowing I will discover new understandings of these deeper concepts and ideas with each experience of it.
I highly recommend this book to all seekers of truth, and especially those spiritual seekers further along their path who wish to take it to the next level!”

“Thought provoking and stimulating! I most appreciated that the author gets right to the points being conveyed without a lot of fluff and self promotion to share her information with us in the spirit of truly intending the reader to be supported. I have been in challenging life situations the last few years and can say this book brought me some insights that helped shift my perspective for a little peace on the journey. This is a book I will keep on the shelf at hand to refer to on the path and read again. A lot of bang for the buck in this little book…”

Thank you so much for the reading and information that you shared with me today. You were right on target with my Life Lessons and Karmic Patterns. I really appreciate the extremely helpful suggestions that you shared with me, and the techniques that you walked me through. I feel lighter! Your intuition is truly a gift that needs to be shared. I enjoyed our open conversation. You made me feel comfortable and at home.


After my session with Monti I feel so much freer and lighter and will be able to change my daily focus to stay out of fear and to enjoy each day as an opportunity for joy.


I would like to thank you again for the amazing reading. It was truly helpful in clarifying my life path and patterns as well as methods to aid me along the way… I would definitely do this again in the future when I’m ready to receive more information and need clarity.


My reading was enlightening on many levels, but the most electrifying information was regarding a memory that I have of something that did not occur in this dimension. Many things fell into place and my message from Them is a treasure.



The messages contained within this website provide an elevated perspective and new solutions for how to navigate our lives and understand our place in the world. 

Quote from Not What We Appear to Be: New Perspectives for Conscious Living

“As you travel along the spiritual path, you accumulate a conscious awareness of the concepts you’ve acquired. These concepts serve as guideposts and can be used to practice personal recognizance.

Your spiritual library includes the knowledge base of concepts gathered, but doesn’t always include the formulas for living provided here. These formulas may be added to your knowledge base to offer seeds of information which will upgrade your consciousness to new levels.”